Building a Permanent Shelter

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    When it comes to building a permanent shelter, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some basic plans. The standard four-wall shelter with an angled roof is the easiest to build. When building your shelter utilizing multiple techniques to secure it is advised. A permanent shelter is something that can last a lifetime when done right. It will only require a mild upkeep to keep it in good shape. For example, if you are building a shelter that is going to be for the average grown adult you want your ceilings to be about 7 foot tall. This means the four corner post that you cut must range 10 - 12 foot in height. This is so you can bury a good three foot of each post into the ground for stability. Doing this will help to ensure your shelter has a good standing foundation. By tying your four corners together on the top and bottom with other posts, you will create an even stronger structure. Finally, by stacking logs on top of one another to form walls and filling them in with mud or clay, you will add yet another barrier of stability to your structure. Within a matter of 1 - 3 days an individual can typically build a well-put-together structure that is meant to withstand the elements. There is a great video available on YouTube that shows an example of how to build one of these wonderful structures. It even shows you how to build in your own heater and oven.

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