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    Fire control during prepping is an important element since fire can pose a clear and present danger to preppers, flora and fauna in the forest as well as any human settlements nearby. The firefront moves at a rapid pace necessitating some preparation and prescence of mind on the part of those in the vicinity. What ways can a prepper use to survive a bushfire? What equipment are necessary?
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    1) Back burn or forward burn 2) Dig a hole & bury yourself 3) Deep running water may save you, but water holes & dams can boil you alive.
    TOOLS: 1) Digging implements 2) Means of making fire to back burn 3) A pure wool blanket soaked in water & used as a cloak may help you in certain circumstances but can not be relied upon in a full blown bushfire.
    Back burning is used when the wind is blowing towards the fire. You set your own fire to burn towards the main fire, but you must control the burn directly at your feet so it does not come towards you.
    A forward burn can be used when the wind is blowing from the main fire towards you. You set a fire to burn away from you, then you can move into the burnt area as it moves away from your position. The following fire is left without any fuel to burn.
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