Bushnell has great products that use solar energy

Discussion in 'Creating and Using Electricity' started by Lisa Davis, Jun 7, 2016.

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    I just purchased a Bushnell SolarWrap 400. It is awesome. Basically, it's a solar panel you can wrap up. It's fairly compact and after about 3 hours of sun, it will charge my smartphone (which is not very energy efficient). They have a whole range of products like this and I am very happy with the quality and price that the company has provided in this line of products so far. It may be worth exploring for someone looking for a source of power for survival or camping/backpacking purposes.

    Here is a link to their website that lists the items they have in this category: http://bushnell.com/wildlife/outdoor-technology/powersync
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    You know I think I did see a review on this product or a comparable one and having one especially in that neat little carry case would come in handy in a survival situation. Smart phone, laptops, even batteries would be great in times of need. They are more expensive then your standard solar panels for your home, but these are portable, hence the extra charge.

    uGf786BgHqaPLbGxreZGvSnx1I2wA43R.jpeg uGf786BgHqaPLbGxreZGvSnx1I2wA43R.jpeg
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