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    The world has gone to crap and your out living in the wilderness. Do you think it will be important to keep track of the days? Also do you celebrate holidays with new traditions to keep up morale? Or is that all out the window?
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    I guess it could help, we have been celebrating winter solstice for many years. But I must say that I tend to lose track of the days out here in the forest, one day is much like another & there is no need to know which day it is.
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    The reason most people kept track of the days was the seasons...the time for planting at time for reaping...when the ice would break in the lakes and rivers...thus aiding in crossing the same...meaning manner of travel...shipping and transshipping goods and services.

    These were important things which affected trade , industry and commerce...the standard of living.

    Around here it is important to know when we area going into Hurricane season.

    When I took a plane trip across this country to Los Angeles Airport...I looked out the window at the Rocky Mountains. You would see way down thousands of feet down a small speck and it was a car...a speck a bit bigger it was a tractor trailer. They were going through highway mountain passes. In the olde days there were only a few of these mountain passes known and navigable and only in certain times of the year. You could not get there in the heavy spring melts when the rivers were too swollen...and not in the dead of you see the season/calendar was very important.

    It was very important to the Ancient Egyptians to know when the Nile river would flood from deep in Africa and give moisture to the Egyptian fields. Now today this is regulated by the Aswan High Dam..but in times past they were more dependent on knowing the exact time and season of the Nile Flood.

    I do not keep any holidays or birthdays. I try to keep all days the same. I try not to keep one day above another.
    I am also not getting on that holiday buying spree/treadmill pushed so heavily in western nations around holidays. I have no use for running with the maddening crowds. It is not for me thanks.

    Not an Ishmaelite
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    You either need a calendar or you need to learn how to read the stars. Modern man may not need to know when it is time to plant, time to harvest or when migratory animals are on the move but it was life or death for primitive people. If you think that you might ever have to live in a more primitive society you need to learn about time as a person intimately affected by it would need to know. If you have a calendar then that first year you can easily make a poor man's stonehenge spotting the equinoxes and the solstices. A few hours spent with an astronomy atlas will let you know the seasons by what constellations are in the sky.
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