California Gov. Newsom's Moratorium On Death Penalty

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by TMT Tactical, Apr 11, 2019.

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    Gee, nothing like life in prison to deter killers. Okay for sadistic killers to murder and butcher hard working citizens but we should just feed and house them for the rest of their lives. We would not want to derive them of their TV and computer time. As per the Gov. of California, the state is better than that. I guess all the future killers are now shaking in their boots.
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    Thought this would be a good place to post this. Note: it is probably Rated R. Clint can get a little graphic. Clint Smith's take on How to Treat a Liberal.

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    we don't have the death penalty in the UK, the last state sponsored murder ( what else do you call depriving someone of life)was in August 1964 and todays British population do not want capital punishment to be reinstated.
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