Camouflage is a Great Survival Tool in the Wilderness

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    Camouflage in the wild is a basic survival skill utilized by almost every wild animal and can be adapted to any human survival situation. Understanding how camouflage works in the wild as well as how to apply it to yourself can be beneficial to you in many different aspects. From hunting and gathering techniques to remaining obscure from potential threats camouflage is extremely important. The best thing to remember about camouflage is that it changes from place to place. By knowing your surrounding environment or the environment, you will be in you can properly camouflage yourself accordingly. From hillsides and cliffs to forests and prairies camouflage is typically available naturally.
    With some added foliage and potential muds and berries that may be around you can make your clothing and body blend into the natural landscape. The basis of camouflage in the world is to do just that, blend in with the natural environment. By going on the internet and viewing multiple camera flash techniques for different colored terrains and environments, you will help to familiarize yourself with different options should you be in a survival situation which requires camouflage. The level of camouflage that you need will depend on your survival situation. Sometimes camouflage is about the place you hide yourself whether it's a deer stand, shack in the woods, or secret entrance to a cave. Sometimes camouflage is about you personally blending in. Just like any other survival situation if you take the time to educate yourself on different techniques and the specific places that you will be, you will be better prepared if and when a survival situation occurs.
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