Camp Cooking.

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    All you really need to cook outdoors is a kettle. You can purchase kettles in tinned iron, tin lined brass & tin lined copper. Meat can be roasted on a pointy stick or a rack in front of the fire. Bannock type breads can be cooked on a hot rock in the fire.
    This is a copy of an 18th century brass trade kettle.
    A copper kettle I made from a bowl.
    This is a copy of a 19th century tin lined copper Hudson Bay Trade Kettle.
    A tinned iron kettle I made from a food can many years ago.
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    I love camp cooking, because it gives you the opportunity to be creative and live on the wild side! I love taking hotdogs and smoke sausages using a stick or tree limb to build a bomb fire and use marshmallows for a treat! Camp cooking is an experiment that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime and it will help you with survival tips and tricks as well and have a steel pot goes a long way for chili beans, soups or roast; that sticks to your ribs longer and you can cook any type of survival dish in it!!
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    That copper kettle made from a bowl looks very sturdy. Which kind of dishes did you cook there?
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