Catching Wild Chickens Using Trap

Discussion in 'Hunting / Fishing / Trapping' started by Corzhens, May 23, 2017.

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    One good trap to catch wild chickens is the rope or the cord. Make a noose and place it carefully on the ground. Then put your bait inside the circle. When the chicken pecks on your bait, be quick in pulling the end of the rope so the noose will tighten on the feet of the chicken. Just be warned that wild chickens are so fast and probably quicker than you are so you need a good timing when pulling the rope. And for the bait, chickens love grains like rice or corn but bits of bread can also be attractive to them. And if you can get some earthworms, that’s the best bait.
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    Your post was timely. I have been thinking of how to catch some wild fowls at the back of my boarding house, to be used in making a sumptuous meal.
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