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    EVERY CITY is an artificial construct, cities formed as people came together to conduct business, participate in social interaction and benefit from efficiencies in public services-schools, sewers, trash removal etc.-yet cities cannot survive alone, they need resources from outside notably food and water, the average needed for food alone dictates NO city could possibly feed all its population.
    in the world today there are over 20 cities with populations over 10 million people.
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    As most cities were founded on thriving farming villages somewhere in there is some remnants of farmland!

    Mostly a single family needs 10 acres/5 hectares of useable land to thrive!
    In cities the land is still there but in most cases will need rehabilitation or whatever to return it to production!!

    Just looking at history most old villages did not just rely on time alone to demolish them, building materials were salvaged/burnt etc
    walls were taken down and foundations covered with soil to return the land to production!
    Anything interfering with your ploughing was dug up and removed or covered deeper!
    A millennia worth of peasant farmers would destroy most ruins!
    Same would happen again!
    London was prime land at one time! flat, fertile, riverflats, plenty of rain and reasonable drainage to start with!
    Could be made that way again over time and effort! Depends if survivors want to work it and the amount of contamination!

    100yrs AFTER a collapse there maybe a new smaller London built on the rubble of the old London, it maybe the thriving
    hub of a new trading empire with wooden sailing ships going to and fro!
    Or maybe just a stinking bog! with the thames blocked by silt backed up around rusting hulks of ships and raising the river level by just a few meters
    but permanently until the dam bursts!
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    post collapse cities will just be places for the dead and the dying.
    they will be so full of disease they will be uninhabitable for hundreds of years, if at all.
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