Climbing A Tree To Escape Predators.

Discussion in 'Natural, Temporary, and Permanent Shelter' started by Maria_C, Jul 19, 2017.

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  1. Maria_C

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    I have this thought of what if one can climb a tree and be free from predators especially at night and in a survivor situation. How effective do you think that can be? And have you ever climb a tree in the past?
  2. Corzhens

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    It would depend on the tree and the predator. If I am familiar with the tree, say it is beside the camp then probably I could seek refuge in case of a bear attack. But my tendency is to escape by running away. The tree may be inhabited by wasps or bees, maybe geckos that will ruin your safety.
  3. airfightermax

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    I do not really have any experience on climbing trees but I can see how it could one way of staying safe. Especially if it's about to go dark and setting up camp is impossible anymore, I think just climbing up would suffice.
  4. Xilkozuf

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    Don't do that, it's not wise to climb a tree in case of a bear attack. Many species of them (like black bears) are absolutely excellent climbers. Maybe they won't chase you up if they aren't really mad at you, or if they don't think you are a menace to their cubs... but it's better not risk. They can climb really fast and you might being doomed.
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