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  1. Pragmatist

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    Currently in discussion or recently mentioned are hammers, crowbars and hatchets.

    I have 3 categories of tools: not realistically mobile; must stay in my shack, portable/carry-able and (3) multi-functional.

    Related: Does tool come with a sheath or carry container eg for a bolt cutter (I used for chain link fence cutting) or can one be made ?

    The above link - no recommendation - just for illustration - shows a combination tool. A related combination tool would be the Army "entrenching tool". It is a shovel and when shovel section is folded and locked in place, it is a form of pick mallard.


    I do not carry a crowbar-hammer-hatchet on my belt because of my personal load-out restriction. The aging process makes me less stronger than decades ago and weight priority goes to water, RX medicines and interesting magazines to read (Just joking, just ,,, !)
  2. Keith H.

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    I find that my tomahawk works very well as a multi-purpose tool. I don't use it for cutting firewood because there is no need. Plenty of wood to be found laying on the forest floor. If I do need to break wood, it is easily done over a rock or against a tree.
    The square poll on this tomahawk is used as a hammer for hammering in shelter & trap stakes. The oval eye allows me to remove the head to use as a hide scraper. I can also use it for digging, but I usually just use it to fashion a digging stick rather than risk damaging the edge of the blade.
    The tomahawk is also good for defence, offence & for throwing as a hunting tool & for recreation.
    If I think that I may have a lot of digging to do, I have a small shovel head which I can add to my pack. I can make a stail/handle for it with my tomahawk if needed.
  3. watcherchris

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    I keep both a Tomahawk and also a camping axe in my vehicle. Also a knife...Mora Knife in my daily GHB...though I also carry a tool steel KUBEY knife by it's clip in my pocket.

    I like the tomahawk for more light work than the camp axe....and have the one with the Hammer Head on the reverse side. I have two of these for my various vehicles.

    I like the Mora knife as it is inexpensive and a good tool for the price.

    I also have several of those folding various vehicles as well.

    One of the tools I keep on my belt all the time is a multi tool. This tool is not really a good tool per in heavy duty but what it very handy. I also keep a Mag LIte on me all the time as well as a tape measure and feeler gauges. Spare batteries for my mag lite too.
    I don't ever want to be caught out in the dark without a light source. It has happened to me too many times.

    My Baofeng dual band walkie talkie also has on it a separate light source and can operate as a blinking light or strobe. Sort of a combination tool here as well. I have two of these radios sitting right here next to this computer....also one upstairs in my radio room...spare batteries for them too.

    Not an Ishmaelite
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  4. randyt

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    here is my entrenching shovel. I found the head and took a broken shovel handle and fit it up.
    The tool can be sharpened on one side, folded down for a mattock, can be used as a weapon.,used to dig, cook a pastie.


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  5. Morgan101

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    See what you think of this. I have one, and it works quite well. I think it meets most of your requirements. The size of the shovel is relatively small, and the handle is short. If you are going to do any significant digging you will probably be on your knees. The saw is a little iffy, but it will chop. Everything else works as advertised, and it is truly a multi tool.
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  6. Pragmatist

    Pragmatist Master Survivalist

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    Still, in lieu of Randy's pastis cooking, I'd use it for stirring the soup.
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