Consuming Food Beyond It's Expiration Date?

Discussion in 'Finding, Identifying, and Preparing Food' started by airfightermax, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. airfightermax

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    In a desperate situation on looking for something to eat, would consuming expired food be worth it?

    What if you really have no choice?
  2. TsuyoyRival

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    I sometimes eat expired food, but it's not rotted or smells bad. What I mean by this is I eat manufactured food, most of it doesn't spoil after many weeks of the expiration date. But if you ask about eating food that is rotten, it's a bad idea. Many infectious diseases are spread in spoiled food, and in a desperate situation, it could mean death.
  3. Corzhens

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    It depends on the kind of food. Expired bread is easy to discern because if it is clear of molds or fungus then you smell it and have a taste. You will surely know if it is still palatable. With canned food, it's the same testing - look, smell, taste. Expiration dates of canned goods have an allowance of some months so I'd say it is safe to eat expired canned goods within the month. But just to be sure, take the test above.
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  4. overcast

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    Milk products consumption beyond the expiration date is wrong. You'd only risk your health. For example curd after specific time is not worth consuming. The bacteria in them just kills the taste and also it's going to be bad for your stomach. So in such context I'd say some products are not worth consuming. You just have to find when and where to eat them.
  5. airfightermax

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    Ah, I understand. So what you are saying is that manufactured food (like canned goods) can last longer than the expiration date set on them? If so, that is pretty cool. This really is a handy thing to know in case you are about to run out of food.

    But I think there will still be the risk of getting sick but as long as you check it thoroughly, we will be fine.
  6. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    I just tripped over this article, so I am putting its link here. Article deals with the expiration dates of canned foods. It wisely differentiates between good times and hard times -- makes the common sense advice of, in good times, just toss the stuff and in SHTF situations, you just might re-think that "best if opened by" date. Article includes anecdotes about food lasting well beyond stated "use by" dates.

    What caused me to find the article was me just a minute ago wondering about the expiration dates of canned fruit, specifically peaches. I really like peaches and I like pineapple on ham. Canned fruit have some nutritional value plus the flavonoids factor. I also found out that jams and jellies have precious little nutritional value, however they taste good and kids will be made happy by having these about during hard times. Peanut butter lasts in glass jars so kids benefit from the peanut butter and jelly combo. Powdered drinks like tea, lemonade, and Kool-Aid knock-offs have long shelf lives ... and keep the grandkids happy.

    Always drink the water content of canned fruits or let the kids do so in survival situations. You can also mix some liquor in with the fruit storage water. So maybe don't give the fruit 'shine to the kids. Peach moonshine, yum yum! I'd not have recommended it, however I was offered some moonshine that had a pear dropped down into the mason jars. I don't like pears, but holy crap was this ever good, plus the pear had mellowed the 'shine. More likely, the liquor artiste just really knew his game; probably used copper and kept an exacting track of temperatures.

    If you like the article and have stories about long food storage, please do share with everyone! I mean it's our rear ends on the line here. Sure ain't gonna be any grocery stores stocked. The food my grandma put back, we ate and rather quickly so. Always salt pork in the beans, yum yum.
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  7. lonewolf

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    Expiry dates on food are for the benefit of the shop not the consumer and are used for stock rotation.
    obviously blown and leaking cans should be disposed of immediately.
    dented cans are okay but if you accidentally buy one or drop it and dent it yourself use that one first.
    any cans past their expiry date should be opened, first examine the contents visually, then sniff it to see if any odours are present to indicate the contents are "off", if still okay, put a small piece on your lips, if no adverse reactions eat a small piece, you should in theory now wait several hours to see if you get any reaction but in my experience if you've got that far its probably okay to eat anyway.
    back when I was a kid we didn't have expiry dates and I never had a bad reaction to eating anything, maybe from eating too much but that was my fault not the food.
    we waste/throw out far too much food in this country anyway.
  8. watcherchris

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    I've eaten a can of Spam over a year after the date printed on the can. It was not swollen...and I also know that Spam has a generous portion of salt/preservative in it's preparation. This was "Not" the sodium light version of Spam but the regular type.

    I opened the can and of course first gave it the smell test and it was fine. Then I sliced it and fried it in a pan. It tasted fine. No after effects from eating it.

    These dates are for the company..liabilities and such.....but I would not do this with all foods...

    The sight and smell test come first...

    I would not do this with a can of beef stew....or such....but foods like Spam with generous salt content I would not give it that much worry.

    Seems to me that in WW2 the Military used to have mountains of Spam sent to the troops over seas...thus indicating it was kept in huge quantities in warehouses prior to being shipped all over the world. One reason I like to buy and keep it on hand is that it needs no refrigeration until you open it.

    Like it fried with eggs for breakfast and I can eat breakfast three times a day or a fried Spam sandwich with cheese.

    My .02 and experience.

    Not an Ishmaelite
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  9. Dallas845

    Dallas845 New Member

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    this is also true with canned food, though they say it never goes bad. This article explains some signs to look for and such.
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