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Discussion in 'Modern Cooking' started by Tom Williams, Jun 2, 2016.

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  1. Tom Williams

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    The choices of what to have are endless buy what you can afford but remember after the shtf fuel for stoves may be tough to get so fire i feel is the best way to go most times rhe fire isnt what you want but the hot coals from the fire a stone oven with coals is going to cook slowly more evenly less burnt to useless food. Again a dollar store sells many iteams. that will help make cooking easy go into one and shop plastic knives forks and spoons light easy to carry. And even nice cases to pack it in I LOVE OUR DOLLAR TREE STORE For a few bucks go at get the gear that will make your cooking easy instead of a hassle
  2. TexDanm

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    I have about every kind of camping and non-normal stove that is commonly available. If I was limited to one and wasn't on the move all the time it would be my Eco-zoom rocket stove. It burns about any organic material so efficiently that it even burns the smoke. It only takes a handful of twigs to do a meal and will bring 6 quarts of water to a boil in just a few minutes. Even a regular wood burning stove takes a lot of fuel that may not always be easily available everywhere but a rocket stove will cook with grass or even cow chips.

    If I'm moving I have a little wood burning twig stove that I would use when I ran out of gasoline and propane fuels. But would most likely just go to dutch ovens and cast iron pots. I would really miss my little propane jet stoves and gasoline stoves.
  3. Christy Stephens

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    I love the dollar tree too. It seems as though they are carrying some more items than they used to. I believe that I once walked into the Dollar Tree and found those little things that you can place at the bottom of your pan to cook your food. I believe they are called sterno. You use them to cook food and keep it hot.
  4. Bishop

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    Kelly kettle
  5. Tom Williams

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    I have saw video on kelly kettle look very handy as ihave never saw one for sale ive never used one i dont shop online or buy by mail much i like to look handle check things out before i buy and with cheats liars and theives online i dont shop that way at all
  6. lonewolf

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    Hobo Stove.
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