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Discussion in 'Creating and Using Electricity' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 24, 2016.

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    To create your own power, you have to have a source or a way to do this. This is a lot harder than it sounds because you cannot simply go out into the wild and gather the supplies needed to build your own power plant. By preparing for the future and having supplies on hand, you can be ready to build devices that will harness power for you to utilize that is clean, green and renewable. Solar power is one of the easiest and most accessible forms of alternative power sources that you can make. You can buy solar panels for high prices or with a little bit of ingenuity you can buy the materials necessary to build them yourself. Building them yourself will give you better knowledge as to how they function as well as the needed knowledge to repair them during times of upkeep. Thermal or wind power is also available and has been used for decades.
    Windmills, when combined with the right motors and equipment, generate electricity that can be used and stored. The same thing applies to water wheels. These devices are all on a little bit larger scale than your solar panels and require a steady, secure place for them to be built. Solar panels are portable but may not turn out as much power as some of the other options that are available to you. When you need to create your own power, what options do you utilize? Share with us your different ideas. You may help influence somebody to create something they need in a time, when they need it most.
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    Vertical axle windturbine!
    Build it a decent size and you can add thermal updraft assistance!
    On a hot sunny windless day the thermal updraft will turn the turbine! and can supply that bit extra in light breezes!
    Enclose the base for a weatherproof room to keep everything out of the weather!
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    sorry, I just don't get all this fixation with having power, mind you most people these days wouldn't survive without it.
    I prefer the simpler life, keep it basic and cut down on the workload. not that I wont have enough to do, post collapse(without adding to it).
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    Diesel power generators are fairly easy to setup, as long as you have fuel oil of course. For those people that don't know, Diesel generators are a combination of a diesel engine with an electric generator in order to produce electrical energy. They are widely used as backup power to keep electricity supply in places with critical need of uninterrupted charge such as hospitals. Decent power effitiency but far more polluting than other alternatives such as solar power system etc.
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    whilst fuel stocks last and as long as the noise dosent give away your location and the fact you have power and probably therefore food, women, valuables.
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    A cool trick my nephew and I experimented with. Using a little curiosity, some research, googling articles, YouTube videos, and High School science knowledge, it's possible to generate enough electricity to power descent sized electronics. We attached magnets to fan (the cooling fan from an old computer). Then we placed magnets to a stable surface in a way for them to repel each other to cause the fan blades to rotate. As they rotated, it generated an electrical current through the already installed wiring. It didn't seem like much but it powered a small light bulb. But it hasn't stopped spinning since, and that was 4 months ago. It'll most likely keep going until the bulb goes out. Imagine with a fan much larger in size. Now it's no solar panel, but it's free energy and unlimited. Just a little physics.
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