Curing Your Own Seeds

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    Do you ever ask yourself if there is a way to obtain usable seeds without buying them? There is a way you can cure you own seeds so they can be planted and produce a crop. This may sound like you need a ton of equipment and is time-consuming. But it only takes a few minutes when you know some methods for curing seeds. The type of seeds you can cure range from fruits and veggies such as bell peppers, tomatoes, limes, kiwis and any other cropS or plants that you can harvest seeds from. When curing seeds your basically trying to dry them out so what you set them on or in will effect the time it takes for them to dry. You want to set them on a surface that will absorb water. Paper towels or paper works great, but a thin cloth will work as well. Then there are a couple of places you can set them, so they dry faster.

    One way is to use the natural power of the sun. Set your napkin with seeds by a window or in a sunny room almost sun baking them. I found this quicker if you are curing a lot of seeds. Another easy way to dry up some seeds is to use your refrigerator. Not to keep them cool or to freeze them. The top radiates just enough heat to be effective in producing dry seeds. Take the seeds and place them on top of your fridge if you don't use it for storage. This may take a little longer though depending on the amount of seeds you're trying to cure. Just don't forget there are a bunch of seeds on top of your fridge.
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    Newspaper on a old window screen placed in the rafters overhead works geart
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    When I was gardening, I never bought any seed, I cure them myself using sunlight and they are always healthy.
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    My husband is a backyard farmer. We always have seedlings and saplings that he gives to those who want. From what I know, the seeds are cleaned then wrapped in tissue paper for storage. Whether vegetables or crops or fruits, the same process. Vegetable seeds like okra and gourd can last for many many months. With cashew seeds, they last for years and they still germinate.
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    Dad dried tomato seeds on an old window screen set in the sun in warm weather.
    A couple days was all that was needed.
    Beans for seed were left in the pod and when the pod was brown and shriveled they were dry.
    Dry seeds can easily be frozen then thawed next planting season.
    Germination should be 80% or better.
    I've never found the need to freeze bean, tomato, etc., seeds. Just dry and store in jar
    with tight lid. Baby food jars are great if you know someone with a baby.
    Use a marker to write on the glass or lid to i.d. the contents.
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    I like to use the oxy method for saving tomato seeds. It's less gross than the fermentation method, and it's faster. I just scoop the gel out of the tomato and put it all in an old yogurt cup. I add a little bit of water if it wasn't a juicy tomato and then I sprinkle on a layer of oxy (or the generic stuff). I like the kind that has no added cent or anything. Wait an hour, or overnight, whatever is convenient. Then strain the seeds with a mesh strainer and rinse with hot water (hand washing hot, not hot enough to burn me). I then put them all out on a paper towel that has the variety name written on it and let it dry for an hour or two, then just roll it up and put them in a small dollar store basket. Next season I pull some out and plant. Really easy and keeps diseases from being spread from year to year. If you practice rotation as well diseases won't bother you.
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