Debt Dragging Down Your Prep? Meet My Wife

Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by PrepTrack, Aug 21, 2018.

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    Howdy. I wanted to address an issue I've heard from people that would like to prep, but have a very common obstacle: debt. Now, I don't know everyone's circumstances, and today student loan debt is somewhere around 5% of the nation's debt. Ridiculous. This is untenable. Nonetheless, I wanted to share a resource that many in my community have used to get out from under certain kinds of debt.

    My wife.

    She is a financial professional and is networked with settlement attorneys to negotiate people's delinquent debt down to about half. Much easier to make payments on a $10k debt balance than $20k, which then frees up some cash flow to finally get those food reserves, water storage, EDC, and whatnot.

    So, if you or someone you know is getting buried by outstanding credit card debt, medical bills, delinquent utility bill, repossession debt, or foreclosure balance, PM me and I'll introduce you/them to my wife. Unfortunately, she can't touch student loan debt, active account balances, military STAR cards, or existing mortgages. Will it work for everyone? Not sure, which is why they should get a free consultation before committing to a settlement.

    Either way, better to let people know of something they may not need than to withhold something the may actually need. God bless!
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