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    Being able to only eat foods can be easily stored and preserved for lengthy periods of time narrows down your menu options, but that doesn’t entirely mean that you have to be stuck eating less than desirable food. What are some of the good survivalist recipes that you have come across? Please share them with us.
  2. Keith H.

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    I think dried vegetables reconstituted in a vegie stew is probably as good as you can get. You can of course add dried meat to this, & if you use a vacola for preserving then you can do the same thing. Dried beans & lentils can be added as can rice. We are in mid winter here & our greens in the garden are still going & we are digging potatoes & Jerusalem Artichokes & eating fresh meat in roasts. We make our own bread & toast & eggs makes a good breakfast.
    If you want you can turn your vegie stews into a curry for a change by simply adding curry powder.
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    You can always cook some prepared foods that are in cans, or mix them with others to maybe make a delicious meal. I've personally never came across this possibility, so I don't know that many. One that I know is that you can actually cook for example canned sausages, and mix them with some canned tomato. I think it's a good possibility, and you won't eat raw sausages in case you already had eaten allot of it.
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    One of my little tips is to keep a spray bottle and some fruit juices stored somewhere. Pour fruit juice into spray bottle + spray while cooking = pineapple flavor on anything you want while cooking :) This also especially helps with cravings for sweets if ya can't get your hands on any quality sugars.
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    Great tips, thanks
  6. Corzhens

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    When I first went to the Sierra Madre mountains when we were invited by my husband's family friend to a wedding in the boondocks, I salivated on the roasted pig that was on the table. We walked for more than an hour and reached the place exactly at the start of the lunch. You can imagine my hunger upon smelling the aroma of that roasted pig. And not to be content, there was also the wild chicken cooked in sour broth. There are so many other dishes since it is a wedding celebration but I forgot all the others. Truly, they can whip up a good and delicious dish made from their own ingredients. The chicken in sour broth used leaves of a certain vine and young leaves of a certain tree for the vegetable ingredients. The roasted pig is flavored with lemon grass and some other herbs that serves as fillings.

    I cannot mention the exact recipe but I guess there are so many palatable dishes that we can cook even when there are no ingredients that we really know. We just need the assistance of those mountain people to identify the available ingredients there.
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