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    Survival gear comes in all different types. From beginner to novice to specific items for land, sea, and air. What type of survival gear you need is typically based on the element in which you live or will be traveling. If you happen to be traveling through a multitude of different environments, then you want to have equipment that is equally as versatile as your itinerary. There are many different places in which you can buy travel gear that is also survival gear.
    Army surplus stores will help you find great items that are very well put together. These items have been tested tried-and-true and may cost a couple of dollars more than some of the cheap knock-off junk that's out there today but are well worth it.

    Survival gear also comes in very tech-savvy forms today. You can go on sites such as Amazon and explore a world of survival tech gear. Survival just isn't about hunting and gathering and shooting zombies it's also about being able to survive in the day-to-day life of the city.
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