Disaster Experts And Taxes

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    Subject: Experts and Taxes

    I'm posting this article because finally a real scientist (adjectives like "real" needed in these times since our loss of Orwell and Kafka) explains the REAL problem. Most Americans cannot handle truth. "It's not climate change. It's all these regulations ... with the underbrush."

    Build a shack or factory on a flood plain and the results are already on the time-line.

    Live below the water level and save on mortuary services.

    I have a hunch there was some "rounding off" on Greenland's lost 2 billion tons of ice 2 weeks ago. ... Or perhaps Congressperson Roudi commingled long tons with metric tons.
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    Good post mate, thanks for the link.
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    You can judge topics by who their enemies are by who their supporters are. When they use a quote from the muzzie traitor congress critter, some of us will just quit reading right there. AGW is a scam meant to redistribute wealth from the west to the "poor and unfortunate" rest of the world.
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