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    Good morning all,

    The author is just starting out and definitely not a Prepper.

    Some government agencies do not have contingency planning.

    The article's key - missed by the author - is the courthouse fire at Prince George's county, Maryland. The US has too many political subdivisions precluding quality economies of scale usage. These many political subdivisions are really disguised artificial jobs programs.

    The Oso mudslide in the state of Washington was really about criminal neglect. There were reports filtering in about cutting down the trees and shrubs and the pending results. Construction and occupancy permits overruled the warnings.

    We've had nuclear attack public health plans for more than a decade - well more - .

    Cloud-based data systems are still not trusted by some businesses. If a US company has EU-based employees, their records must be maintained on a EU approved and EU based cloud. End of discussion.

    Technology will never eclipse management and leadership. Tech is only a tool.

    Prep. prep, prep
    factor in safety
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