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    Having a place to cook food once you've acquired it is just as important as acquiring the food itself. Nobody wants to eat raw meat. Though you can survive on it, it is dangerous and can lead to many digestive issues as well as other health issues. When power is out, and you do not have a way to cook, or you are in a disaster or catastrophe situation there are different ways you can fashion stoves to cook on. Of course,, one of the most basic ways is digging a hole in the ground and using a pit to cook in. With a couple of rocks in an open fire, you can make a surface cook anything on. If you do not have pots and pans, you will have to look at different options of cooking such as rotisserie and grilling. If you are in an urban environment during your time of crisis fashioning, a stove will be a touch bit easier. There is a stove referred to as a bullet stove which is an ingenious idea and very easy to make. Using items like a large coffee can combined with two normal soup cans you can make a stove that will produce a great source of heat and cooking power with very little fuel. These stoves can be utilized with pots and pans as well as. Another great aspect of these stoves is that practically any material can be burned to create a heat source to cook on. In the picture below you will see what a bullet stove looks like and the basic requirements in making one.

    They do not take very long to make and are actually an enjoyable fun weekend project that can be done by anyone. Knowing how to make one of these stoves can give you the ability to cook food when you need it most. Sometimes the amount of supplies that we will have on hand to burn to cook may be limited, and this is a great resource. Another great way to remember to cook when you are without power or a cooking source is any reflective material such as a mirror can be used in combination with the Sun to cook food. With a little basic ingenuity, a cooking stove can be made very easily by just about anyone. Prepare yourself by looking at different methods and options on designing cooking stoves in emergency situations and try applying them in real life for yourself. Being prepared is the best way to be safe during any situation.
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    The 3 Rock stove, hobo stoveand the dakota Fire hole are also not to be forgotten, low tech but effecent.
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    the Hobo Stove is easy to make and simple too, with the minimum of tools.
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    Up until now we are still using big stones or rock as a cooking stove. When have huge occasions, we use to make a lot of those stoves so that cooking can be fast and efficient.
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