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    In any survival situation, there are many different options in which you may find practical uses for modern luxuries. Having things such as running water, or heat will be luxuries that you will definitely not take for granted. Running water can be fashioned into your shelter in a few different methods. A hand pump well is one. By having a hand pump well that feeds into a storage container indoors, you can pump your water into your storage container as needed having it ready to utilize when you need it. Another way is to use a truss system where water constantly flows from a river or stream into a small area of your dwelling and right back out. This may sound complicated, but it has been done by pioneers in the past and successfully works.
    Another basic luxury is something as simple as a heater. Clay pots combined with lag bolts, washers and a few nuts can be utilized with some candles to make what is known as a terracotta heater. Learning how to make a terracotta heater is easy and fun. This also makes a great weekend project that can be applied to everyday life. Knowing how to do these basic survival skills could prepare you should you need to have these skills later in life. The future is unpredictable, and the best way to be ready for it is by being prepared.
    Perhaps you are living where you have power only maybe it's a heat wave, and your air conditioner burns up. There are ways that you can make homemade air conditioners as well. A cooler full of ice with a fan blowing across it will cool down a room considerably. You can find videos on how to make more elaborate versions of these air conditioners as well as the Terracotta heaters on YouTube. These are great little devices to know how to engineer yourself that may just be more than luxuries during a survival situation.
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