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    When it comes to doing it yourself, power alternatives are not as easy as some Do It Yourself tasks. With a little preparation however you may obtain some things such as solar cells, batteries, and generators that will help you to generate power in an awkward situation or survival circumstance. Solar cells are a great way to have energy though the amount they put off is limited and dependent upon good sunny days. By having an ample supply of solar panels combined with batteries you can not only generate power but store it as well. This is a natural resource that once you have the equipment will continually regenerate itself with minimum upkeep. It is a good idea always to have spare parts on hand and know what it takes to repair the equipment you are using. Generators are another great backup resource. Having more than one style generator gives you multiple options. You can get gas generators, solar generators, and propane generators as some basic suggestions.
    Also, by being ready ahead of time, there is a pretty basic old technology that has been applied to modern devices, and that is pretty amazing to this day still. That is windup technology. You can get emergency radios that are solar power and wind up power. These emergency radios also have flashlights and USB charging ports. This means that in an emergency situation or when you are without power you could charge basic items like a cell phone or listen to the radio to hear for emergency advice. Sometimes the simple, soothing sounds of music can help a bad situation become a little bit better. By preparing yourself for these potential outcomes and having items on hand, you can be ready to survive a situation where it is required for you to create and generate your own power.
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    Solar wind hydro all ways to make power solar takes panels batteries and wireing wind takes blades a genrator a battry and wires hydro takes a water wheel a geberato a battery and wireing lights run at low voltage like 12volt less draw on system qicker covery time te lighe your energy draw is the system can recover quicker a 12 volt refridgerator uses a lot less than a 110 does keep you power use low make alot less recovey time and less strain on system
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    Sorry tom but the voltage a fridge runs on is irrellevent to the power consumed!
    With solar power and the like efficiency is the go! thick wiring and short as possible will reduce line loss's
    Extra insulation around the fridge being careful not to impede its function will cut energy useage!
    Led lighting and light coloured d├ęcor, walls ceiling etc!
    My fridge has slabs 6cm thick Styrofoam packed on the sides and top leaving the front clear for access and the back clear for function I have cut energy consumption by 40%
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    The large draaw to start a fridge on a battery is a heavy drain on a battery even to start a 12 volt fridge to kick on is a drain but it is quicker to replace that draw on low voltage 12 volt system than it is to replace the draw of inverter and 110 fridge yes you can run 110 stuff off grid but you need larger power supply to do so a couple good panels and a couple good deep cycle batteries running a small 12 volt light and fridge is much easier to move set up maintain and cost off system it makes more sense to keep it small and simple
  5. Arkane

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    Sorry again but wrong!
    Solar yes, battery yes, 12vdc appliances lights etc WRONG!
    Far far better to run an inverter and run mains voltage stuff!
    1. Mains voltage stuff is cheap reliable and efficient and easy to aquire!
    2. Mains voltage switchgear is easy cheap and available most everywhere and are rated in millions of operations
    unlike dc switchgear!
    3. line loss is so much less even if the inverter itself uses power!
    4. years down the track when 12v gear fails you will not get replacements but mains gear will still be lying around!
    5. Actual safety is far better with mains AC

    I have recently installed a 1kw solar system on a huge RV
    90l fridge $359 120w
    80l freezer $359 120w
    3500w/7000w inverter $320

    as opposed to

    70L 12v fridge/freezer $1,400 this fridge runs about 90watts but it wont freeze proper to minus 18c just to minus 2-4c! and that's without opening the door!

    A single breakdown with the 12v fridge is big bucks to replace or $3-400 repairs and several weeks turnaround pre Apocalypse or bucklies post Apocalypse!

    The mains power fridge still has a warrenty but is far cheaper to replace with most big stores having one in stock pre Apocalypse and they will mostly still be
    in those stores post Apocalypse as they are useless to most with the grid down!

    I have lived on both systems and the above is from experience!
    Three weeks in the middle of summer without anything cold SUCKS! When repairs or replacements take that long!
    Moved to a mains voltage inverter system and iyts just a single working day to go to town and buy a regular fridge!

    My experience was 12v equals three weeks and inverter mains voltage equals one working day!
    Post collapse or whatever three weeks might be forever!
  6. Tom Williams

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    Coleman 40quart 12 volt cooler 90 bucks or under mine 30 years old never failed yet works as good today as day i got it sall coleman panel 70-75 bucks deep cycle battry 85 bucks this little system has served me many years and many miles of travel far easier to move set up and use in a survival mode
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