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    Building your own shelter can be done in a multitude of different ways. Shelters can be as simple as a few sticks and twigs over a rock or ledge between branches to give you shade, or they can be more elaborate built huts. Putting up a tent in an essence is a do-it-yourself shelter. However should you not have a tent ready knowing how to create your own shelter can be a great advantage. When determining you need a shelter you must figure out whether it is a short term or long term shelter. If it is short term, then you can put less effort into it as obviously you will not be using the shelter for very long. For a long term shelter however, you want to take a little more time and construct shelter that is sturdy and will last. Digging holes and building up around them is a common way that many have built shelters in the wild for years. Inside of a hole is generally more temperate and easily kept comfortable then above ground dwellings. Once a hole is dug out all that you have to do is find branches and leaves to construct a roof for the top of your home.
    This will turn a hole into a home faster than you can imagine. It is also easy to build in fireplaces into these Hobbit holes if you will. Also, when building your own dwelling or living structure making sure that you are on safe, dry grounds is a good idea. Nothing worse than digging a hole that will flood or building a hut that will be swept away by rising waters. Always be vigilant of your surroundings and you will be better equipped for handling emergency situations. Tarps and large pieces of plastic, canvas, and other flexible materials will come in very handy for creating your own do it yourself shelters as well. Always keep an eye out for these objects if you are in this situation. Having them will make the process easier than that. Never fear though a good shelter can be accomplished by utilizing the supplies nature gives you just about anywhere. What kind of shelter would you make where you live?helters
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    Looks like a Tennessee igloo! Love this! Never did anything for long term, but lean to's, wiki ups, spider holes....
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    Wow this looks amazing, thanks for the tips
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