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    Most any survival situation will call for you to have to procure a weapon of sorts at one time or another. Knowing how to make different weapons, how to use these weapons, and knowing what weapon you are most efficient with can help you for future survival situations. Just like with cooking one of the most basic weapons is a stick. Sticks can be sharpened and turned into spears as well as crafted into many other items. Large sticks known as clubs are very effective when it comes to protection and close combat. For helping to keep your distance, a spear or a staff is a great alternative. You may also craft your own bow and arrows.
    When it comes to making, weapons booby traps are another form of weapon that you should familiarize yourself with. Knowing how to effectively execute a few different styles and types of booby traps may come in more handy in the future than you might imagine. Your basic booby trap is made by utilizing things from the environment around you so as to blend in and be undetected. The basic skills of camouflage, simple weaponry, and first-hand application of this process will help you should you need to apply making your own weapons or booby traps to a real-life situation. In your spare time practice making some of these items so you can see what the application is like in real life. Remember there is a big difference between reading something and watching it on TV and actually knowing how to do it in person. Don't take for granted that you will know how to do these things when this situation occurs or should the situation occur. Take the time to prepare yourself now so that you will be ready for your future.
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