Do You Have A Plan?

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    Different countries may face different threats, England, Europe & America in my opinion are more likely to be under threat from terrorism than an all out invasion. Australia on the other hand is not only under threat from terrorist actions, but also from an invasion from a foreign power. Then there are the lesser threats, such as those from our own governments, I say lesser threats, but none the less they do affect our quality of life & our rights & the threat of terrorism is being used to implement more controls, more legislation to limit our freedoms & take away our common rights.
    So based on where you live, do you have a plan? Do you have a plan "B" just in case your first plan fails? If you are in the city, do you know the best routes out of the city taking into account that the normal highways may get congested with high volumes of traffic. Do you have a safe place to go to?
    Things may not go the way we think they will, many of us have made plans & provisions based on the area we live in & what we think will be the most likely scenario. But what if? What if the people react in a totally different way to what we thought they would, what then? Have you planned for that?
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