Do You Talk To Your Kids About Surviving

Discussion in 'Ladies Section' started by SouthernMama, Jul 18, 2017.

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    Do you talk to your kids about surviving when the SHTF? Will they be prepared too? I have talked to friends who have younger children and they say they don't want to scare them. I think it's important for them to know ahead of time what can happen so they can at least be halfway prepared.
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  2. Jewelweed

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    I've discussed likely natural disaster scenarios with my kids, though keep in mind that our youngest only has a year of elementary school left. Some of it they just know by osmosis. For instance, we're in Florida so they hear about hurricanes and nearby tornadoes a lot. We talk about our plans for if our area is hit so they know that there is a plan and can help with their part of it.

    We talk about things that are must-have for them emotionally and that led to preps for bugging out that I didn't expect to need. Our youngest is on the mild end of the autism spectrum and interrupting his routine can be a serious issue so we practice alternate routines that are similar but could be adapted to a bug-in or bug-out situation. We also take them tent-camping to get them used to being away from electronics for periods of time.

    What we don't talk about, because kids talk to each other and that could be a danger, is the exact amount of preps that we have. When talking about if the electric goes out, we remind them of the solar panels and the generator. If our kids worry about whether there will be enough food, we assure them that pretty much everyone in our area knows we could be stuck due to a hurricane and has enough for a few extra days. Then I point to the garden and the chickens and we talk about how we have our own food in progress without going to the grocery store. We don't talk about extra ammo or about long-term preps (like heirloom seeds). More about practical details.
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    0 kids!!!:p
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  4. coffee

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    I do believe in complete and open discussions with children...of coarse by age appropriate. I am raising my 7 & 1/2 year old grandson. He is told everything I can think to tell him. I expect him to know what to do in an emergency and be able to do his part. I discuss what could happen in any emergency, how we are prepared for said emergency, what to expect, and what his roll is if that event occurs. I feel that they will be much more afraid if something major happens and they are in the middle of total chaos. I have toughened him up ahead, and he has his part to do in each possible event that could happen. Again, this is my opinion and will not work for every child. Parents or guardians must make their own decision, based on their children.
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    My children are adults, so everything can be discussed openly. My son lives with us, and he is pretty much on board with everything. He has his own BOB, and knows what he needs to take with him should the situation arise. He also knows where things are stored should he have to evacuate when I am not there.

    My daughter is a distance away. I would prefer she take it more seriously, and not just Dad's hobby. I have tried to discuss plans, and meeting areas, but she is to wrapped up in her own life to care.

    I think it is a good idea to discuss prepping with your children. They are going to see natural disasters on TV and hear about them at school. Heaven knows what they hear and see on Social media if the are old enough. They don't have to have all of the details, but knowing that you plan for those emergencies I would think would be comforting to them.
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    Getting through the day is survival enough for now. All are armed with something...knives, pepper spray, tasers, or guns. I didn't realize.
    As for prepping, a couple of them are working on it.
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