Does Someone Out Here...need Us To Be Very Very Stupid....??

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    I don't necessarily fault Texas Governor Abbot for sending these Illegals to Washington DC. I also believe Washington DC has long ago fallen and stopped representing the American People and now represent the political parties and the political structure...the American People be damned.

    I also believe the News media is in on the Mis Representation of the American People and are seriously in bed with the Political parties...not the American People. So too bed with Washington DC.

    I am also believing that many Americans are catching on to this pattern ...and voting not only against leadership in this country but also the MSM with their remote controllers...loss of viewer ship makes this clear.

    I hope this becomes an avalanche..or Exodus from confidence in both groups...the MSM and the Body politic. Also from Hollywood...I did not vote Hollywood into public office to represent me and mine. I do not appreciate their form of flatulence.

    These Illegals should never have gotten the first place and our current government is working hard to put Americans in second, third and or fourth place in our own countries. Be warned this kind of Mis Representation....a Non-Representative Government...

    I am thinking that this is going to spur an increase in ire between the States and the Federal Government...this kind of Mis Representation of the American people and representation of the political party apparatus.

    Oh...and further more...something I found interesting to illustrate my points above...

    In our crew at work....we have a devoted Democrat/leftist....and he occasionally shows us articles on his fancy phone to support his positions. The other night it was about this business of bussing these people to Washington DC.

    I did not catch it the first time was so smoothly done....many would not catch it.

    But they referred to these Illegals in this article as "Migrant Workers." When I finally caught it... I blew up...and told the whole crew...that this was gaslighting ...a phony article by changing the name/definition from Illegal aliens to Migrant Workers.

    I don't normally like to blow up like that but I had it...and this leftist in our crew was betting that no one would catch it or he was so far on the Kool-Aid himself..he did not catch it...but took a big bite out of this particular kind of sandwich.

    I am suspecting that these type of people are not accustomed to folks who can think outside the box...because he became very smart alecky come back. He got caught.

    I realized then and there demonically Fallen has our government and MSM become that they would pull such an slight of hand in tailoring suit a political position.
    This is mis representation of the is a demonic misrepresentation....a lie....a falsehood...

    How about this other thing going on out here in Mis Representation...demonic misrepresentation.... " Dont Say Gay!!"

    All shallow attempts to control and misrepresent our cause deception. A lie...a deceit....demonism at work.

    Who is the one who is more subtle than any beast of the field????

    And here we have Leadership and the MSM involved in the same subtle deception by misusing our language against us.

    Be Warned these Ishmaelites.

    A very good woman taught me something about children long ago....may she rest in Peace..

    She taught me that what government is doing to our children in schools teaching them all kinds of sexuality and sexual orientation

    "They are stealing the childhood from our children and or grand children and bringing them into adulthood before their time...They are stealing their very not allowing them to be children..."

    And this good woman was very very very the X the Bullseye.

    And much much is our own government doing this to us...;and again ...putting us and our families in second , third , and or fourth place in our own country.

    What kind of a sick demonically possessed Government promotes such programs in public schools such that they would steal the very souls from our children and grandchildren...and bring them into adulthood before their time???

    You See????

    One has to become educated to become so naturally and giftedly stupid.....and then be proud of such stupid....Pride of Life...You See???

    This is what is passing for leadership today...In both political parties.....both of them.

    Sorry if this comes across as a rant..but I think it needs to be said.

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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    When I was in high school, we had dozens of sycophants, also. Saw one kid narc on me to the senior instructor. The instructor was a beyond-bad-ass retired Special Forces colonel; nevertheless, there is the matter of pride amongst the troop. One sycophant classmate went to West Point. Good for him. Bad for America. The beaten-down make for poor soldiers. If I am an officer, I want my men to be thinkers, thus the best killers.

    Sycophants, et. al. are the reason we have this f__ed-up world. "If I only bend over for the bully, he will love me and not hurt me." Witness women who put up with spousal abuse. Witness men who tolerate a boss who has micro-penis disorder. Getting on the trains didn't work out so particularly well for the European Jewish people 80 years ago. Liberty ONLY exists where the government fears the people -- Human Psychology 101. People who "don't get this" are too stupid to reason with. They are part of the flock.

    All preppers arm-up. But then, that isn't special. "Reasonable people" are often preppers and wouldn't perceive themselves as such. During the covid faux epidemic, many Americans armed-up. Why?, because they witnessed god-government go full-tilt micro-managing psychotic. Some got on the trains. Some went out and bought the firearms and ammunition they should have purchased years/decades ago. Former sleeping citizens woke up, got their game on, and quadrupled their panty contents (along with buying the firearms they should have already had, as I just said; the two go together; you own not that which you are unable to protect).

    Now that the puppet biden regime has gone seditious to the max -- engaging in the high crime of enabling illegals to invade our country / freeing felons from prisons so that they may ply their felonious trade on the weak & unarmed sheeple -- more and more Amerikans are witnessing their former folly and converting to the state of being an actual American, shedding the herd-animal behavior-set and becoming citizens, not just servants of the crown.
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