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Discussion in 'Permanent Shelters' started by joshposh, May 26, 2016.

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    I'm looking into options as far as living off the grid and trying to do it with using natural material. Earth bag home is something that I'm looking into at the moment. There are a ton of people building these homes with very little upfront money and most if not all, material are natural that require a lot of back breaking work. I'm not shy of hard work as I think they look cool and are on the cheap as they say.

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    Have looked into this myself!
    Not a bad concept! basicly sandbags!
    Have seen two in real life, very cosy and quiet!
    Bag failure can be a problem! the owner of one place said he made two mistakes on his first section!
    He had the walls supporting the roof so the roof twisted if the walls settled a bit! and he did not mix some cement in with the dirt when filling and placing bags!
    His second section of house has a freestanding roof (on steel box sections 100mmx100mm )
    and he ran all the dirt through a cement mixer and added a little cement and water so once placed and packed down they set in place; then if there was a bag failure
    the contents still held firm and did not dribble out damaging the walls structure!
    He had trouble every summer with the wall plaster cracking in the high temperatures!

    Overall I considered it one of the better alternative housing methods!
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