Ecocide As An International Crime

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    Per ...

    Jojo and Julia have the answer.

    I challenge Jojo and Julia's 2020 calculation that atmospheric carbon ranked at 917 ppm for last 3 M years. Other calculations show only 2.86 million years.

    Morocco and Gambia are in compliance.

    Egypt, India and Indonesia not mentioned.

    Mass famine can be solved by WHO distributing vitamin pills.

    Ecocide and genocide equal ?! Ingred Newkirk of PETA caught more than static when she compared the slaughter of chickens to the WWII Holocaust.

    Mercury poisoning is minor. It's Venus with her Veneral Diseases that are much worse.

    Agent Orange involved more than destruction of tropical botany. The areas sprayed with AO were not vast areas.

    Actually, corporations (and partnerships) and the destruction of natural areas are mostly for long-term profits. Their efforts are capital-intensive. It must be long-term or they don't operate on these types of projects.

    I recommend all building construction be stopped. Only fabric tents and igloos built. Walk instead of riding a manufactured bicycle. If it's too cold, move to a warmer area.

    The Guardian can relocate to Bay of Pigs, Cuba. ......... and bring some extra vitamin pills.
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