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    In survival situations having domestic pets is not going to be something that the average person does. This is because having an animal as a pet will consume precious resources such as food and water. For this reason, many people will choose not to have pets. Some pets will, however, pull their weight when it comes to chipping in. Dogs, for example, can be used to help hunt wild game and also make great protection have with you as well. Horses will require upkeep and care but are a great way to travel distances when cars are no longer available.

    There are other kinds of pets that one may think this might be a little bit crude, but the other kind of pets are edible pets. Animals such as chickens and goats make excellent edible pets. Not only when these animals become old can they be eaten but they also reproduce food for years. Goats produce milk that can be made into cheese and butter while chickens obviously produced the incredible edible egg.

    If you find yourself in a survival situation that looks to be long-term, you may want to consider closely what pets you will have. Remember you have to account for precious resources such as food and water. Cats, for example, will not be a pet that has any kind of contribution to it other than I love my cats. Most cats don't share what they hunt. Unlike dogs when they do catch something they usually grow hips and attack anything that comes near it until they have completely devoured it themselves.
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    Great forum! However, religious reason I can't eat certain meets and seafoood. So a person should based their pet off of survival? I love cats but maybe I should get a dog as well.
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    Pigs can be great pets to keep for food.

    On average, pigs can deliver up to three times a year with each pig delivering between 1 to 12 piglets each time. If your pigs [say they are three] have 6 piglets each 3 times a year, you can have at least 54 pigs by the end of the year. You'll have enough pork to last you a really long time.
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    Chickens are definitely handy to keep around. My father-in-law just adopted 4 baby Rhode Island Reds and they are just now starting to produce eggs. He allows them to keep an egg per chicken that he marks for re-population purposes and then eats the rest. He is a master survivalist and knows many tricks to the trade. I always joke about it, but if it ever came time that I needed some help with my "survival kit", I'm going straight to his piece of land. He just bought a huge piece of land where he will have a small farm, pigs, goats, and chickens all around that way he will have an endless supply of food. His goal is to live as off of the grid as possible. He is an inspiration to me when it comes to farming and gardening.
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    Although not the most typical pets, sheep are a very good pet to have in an emergency as you will have ready access to meat and wool along with a limited amount of milk. A border collie or some other herding dog would be a great companion pet to have if you have a sizeable number of sheep.
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    I happen to have both dogs and cats and the cats have been invaluable in eliminating unwanted rodents in the house while the dogs have protected the outdoors garden from rabbits, squirrels, possums and other fauna that would normally eat our crops.
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    Having a dog would definitely help for hunting purposes nd as a means of protection but
    I find cats more cuddly and calm and would prefer a cat if I would have to chose.
    And since I would not want to eat a cat, therefore, I would consider to have rabbits and goats as pets
    because they breed fast and are easy to handle. I would eat them if I needed to survive.
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