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    Emotional Intelligence is an indispensable quality in survival situations in a foreign land or when one is confronted by thugs or other kindred situations. It involves the ability to gauge what someone is feeling or experiencing, in other words, placing yourself in another person's shoes or empathy. Its a valuable took to get along with people to tailor your actions in tandem with their feelings. Do you possess it?
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    Emphaty is a good quality in some cases and it might be bad in others - mostly just for you maybe, since you would feel let down pretty easily. Speaking of myself... yes, i do have emphaty, a lot of it. I almost always try to understand other people, their feeling, what they are thinking and they passing through... but sometime, as I said, this might be bad becaue you could put you and your priorities beyond the ones of other people.
    In a survival situation, for example in a group, emphaty could help bring all the people more together, in helpin each other to.. well, survive. But you should never act just based on what other people feel.
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    Emotional intelligence has a lot to do with surviving. A heartless human being or someone who doesn't really care about anyone but himself is a hindrance and disaster in a team situation. We survive when we work together to ensure we get out alive, everyone at the same time if possible.
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