End of Days

Discussion in 'The Apocalypse' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 25, 2016.

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  1. Aneye4theshot

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    The end of days is one of the scenarios that nobody wants to ever see. This is pretty much the end of humankind, and there is not a scenario in which survival will happen. You may prolong life but according to the theory of end of days, it will be just that the end of all human life and existence. There will be nowhere that you can hide or no plan that can help you in this time. No amount of emergency supplies can help you with this. However never say never because you never know. Should end of days occur the best thing that you can do is to definitely hide. Take who is with you at the time and seek shelter. Whoever is not there unfortunately will not survive or make it with you. You must react quickly and get to a place that is set up for self-sustainable living. You will need an off-grid underground facility in place that is set to sustain life for as long as you plan to stay underground. Having supplies for 15 to 50 years is highly recommended because nothing is worse than just dying underground of starvation. If your place is self-sustaining and you can do it properly you may be able to carry on future generations just make sure that you bring down different people from different genetic gene pools. You don't want to end up having to try to repopulate the planet with family members. Thinking ahead can save not only you but possibly the human race in this instance.
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    the only instance I can think of where this would happen is nuclear armaggeddon. nothing and nobody would survive that and i'm not going to even try, radiation poisoning is a horrible way to go, that why we have M.A.D.-mutually assured destruction, no country wants to be the first to push the red button.
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    Yes but a nuke war is mostly in the northern hemisphere with very little radiation crossing far south of the equator!

    Iam well south of there no worries! being at the arse end of the world has its advantages!:)
  4. John Snort

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    Agreed. In case of nuclear war, Europe, Asia, and parts of North Africa will be hit hard but

    . . . even Australia and NZ could be a target because at that time allies of Western Europe and North America will also be considered enemies by China, Russia and other rogue states that might be on their side.
  5. Keith H.

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    I don't see any winners in a nuclear conflict. As far as Australia is concerned, we have a lot of land, & I think it more likely that a foreign power such as China or Indonesia will want to occupy Australia, not destroy it. However, nuclear war is not the only scenario that could devastate the earth, a comet striking earth could cause enormous loss of life if not complete annihilation.
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