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    There are four words when it comes to the essential items for everyday survival. Food, water, shelter and fire are everyday items that need to be in your survival plan. Without food, you will simply go hungry, but you have three weeks until you really have to worry. Water is a little bit more important than food because you need water to digest food and to stay hydrated. Making sure that your water is clean is vital to your survival. Boil it or bring along a perforation straw or purification tablets so the water you use is clean. Fire is important, so you can keep warm and dry as well as to see at night and be able to cook food. With a nice warm fire, you have one more way to defend yourself.
    Without a fire, your bug repellent would be gone, and you would have no way to cook food or boil any clean water. The shelter is important to protect you from the harsh elements of the outside. You might not think of it but the wind constantly blowing the heat of your body cooling your core temperature will eventually cause you to suffer hypothermia. Keeping sheltered from extreme sunlight or staying dry is also important. If you can manage and maintain these four essentials, you will have no problem surviving out in the wild.
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    Yes sir
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    One overlooked iteam is a good heavy duty bucket of metal or cast irion do not use galvenized for cooking of drinking the treatment of the metal is posioness heavy yes but uses are endless even to just have hot water at you fire allsway ready for drink or cleaning i have a. Very old kettle with lid 5gal size its cast. But hase many uses here
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    To add to that list, there are few other essentials that I think are necessary for everyday survival:
    1) a survival kit-could be standard or one that you've adjusted/adapted along the way
    2) weapon of choice-knife, hatchet, gun, etc..-choose what you are most comfortable
    3)multi tool options like a Swiss army knife, flashlight, toolset, etc.

    To me these are definitely essential items that you should carry because more than likely you will have to use them-more often than not. Everyday survival requires that you be able to protect yourself at all costs. What better way than to make sure you have all the tools-both mentally and physically-at hand.
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