"essential Prepper Blades"

Discussion in 'Guns, Knives, Tools, Etc.' started by Pragmatist, Feb 1, 2020.

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  1. Pragmatist

    Pragmatist Master Survivalist

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    Good evening all,

    Per ...

    In my backyard I need a swing-blade and a tractor w/ bushwacker and plenty of DEET.


    SIDEBAR: Do we have to dial 011 to call Lonewolf about Dallas Does Dallas ? The recent posts are discriminatory ! Although I'm the third oldest here (I believe), I measure my age in dog years and thus ....

    Pure discrimination !

    And no real prepper goes outside without wearing triple mosquito nets.
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  2. Rebecca

    Rebecca Master Survivalist

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    Thank you for a good article

    LOL yes I think we do!

    Sorry about that discrimination you found! :D
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  3. Justin Baker

    Justin Baker Expert Member

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    Ever try citronella and lemon balm? Waaay more healthy than DEET!
    I've cleared waaaay too much wild blackberry stands here in the PNW by hand for clients... tractors w/ bushwackers would've been a dream come true!
    Sorry you were offended! Hope I didn't cause it!
    naw.... just doses up with as homemade citronella and lemon balm hydrosol!
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  4. Justin Baker

    Justin Baker Expert Member

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    ON A HUMOR NOTE/SIDE BAR: When my uncle died in a motorcycle crash, I was told by my lady that I wasn't allowed to buy a bike. I grinned and responded, "Honey, I dream of tractors, not motorbikes!"
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