Essentials to a Successful Garden or Farm

Discussion in 'Farming and Gardening' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 24, 2016.

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    In any situation, there are places that have to have certain conditions for you to be able to farm and garden. You need sunlight, water and places to plant plants to grow for farming. For gardening conditions and geography for certain edible plants have to be right to grow. If you are in survival situation, and you are trying to farm it's better to do it in a secluded area. This is because people out scouting for food will not hesitate to steal your crops. Also when storing your harvest make sure you have a way to lock it or keep it safe. You're going to need to gather seeds so you can start farming and make sure what the seeds you are gathering are in season for planting. When gathering food such as nuts or berries, it's probably a good idea to stay off people's land because they're very protective especially if it's their food. When starting the farm, it is probably a good idea to be around a good water source because farming takes up a bit of water. And always be sure to plant in season.
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    Totally agree with you. Another thing to consider is gardening indoors. As we know, there would not be enough sunlight, so place the garden next to a window with enough light supply or maybe contruct a greenhouse, it's beautiful! Don't forget to use mulching and fertilizants to protect your plants from insects. I followed some tips found in this article and I have beautiful plants. What do you do to keep your plants beautiful?
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    I would suggest that if you are counting on growing fruit and veg during the shtf, to start now growing stuff to learn all the lessons in advance, for example in my area because the growing season is so short, i must start a lot of stuff in doors around christmas, so that i can plant about half of the plants may 24 and the rest june 24 weekend for two reasons 1) some of the stuff can be killed by frost around may 24 . 2) you do not want all the stuff coming ready at the same time.
    I like your idea about harvesting seeds but that also requires practice.
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    Soil, water, sunlight, and equine excrement.

    And that's no sh##.
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    Soil, Water, Sunlight, Fertilizer and SWEAT. If you don't work it the weeds will take over and it won't produce for you.
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    TexD..., you are right; weeds can take over. I now use raised beds and fill with dirt and 4 or more inches of composted cow or horse manure. Weeds are not a problem - just one here and there- easy to keep ahead of. Our garden is about over for the year, but still getting tomatoes, celery, peppers, corn, greens (collard leaves, lettuce, buckwheat leaves, turnip tops) and spices.
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