Extra Terrestrial Alien Invasion.

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  1. Keith H.

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    I hope I have used the correct term in the title of this post, I am referring to the possibility of an invasion by beings from another planet. Other being from other planets do exist, I know this for a fact. How much it is common knowledge among other members on this forum I have no idea. I saw my first Alien craft at a great distance in the Territory many years ago. It used to appear & scribe the pattern of a square. It would arrive at the top right hand corner & go to my left, then don, then to my right, then back up to the same corner it started from & continue throughout the night for some time. When it left, it left from the top right hand corner, & it left at great speed. Faster than any craft we have on earth.
    One of the noticeable traits of the ships/crafts I have seen is their ability to change direction without slowing or curving. They can be travelling west, & suddenly they are going south. I have seen singular ships, seen them travelling in pairs, & I have seen a fleet of nine. I have only seen one ship up close, & by up close I mean within what I judged to be about 50 to 75 meters.

    Since discovering that Aliens had actually discovered & visited earth, I have never viewed an alien movie in quite the same way as I did before, even though I have always realised that there was a strong possibility of their existence.
    What I do not know, is how many species exist, & what they look like. Obviously their technology is way ahead of our own. I do not fully understand the difference in time between here & outer space, though I do know that it is different.

    So what are your thoughts? Could they be visiting earth for purely scientific interest, or could there be another reason? Of course we simply can not know, nor can we know if there are any war like species among them. They could have knowledge of the future destruction of their own planet, there several reasons why an unknown Alien race may want to inhabit or visit earth.

    I only add this post to promote an interest & discussion. Does anyone have any thoughts, anything to add to the information?
  2. Arkane

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    Yes there are aliens out there, the laws of probability say so!
    But regardless of the species space travel will be expensive so they will not come here for a sunday afternoon drive!
    They will not come here and slink around hiding!
    They will come here for a reason and for something we have.
    Whatever it is we will not want to give it up!

    Just think of all the explorers from our own past, not once did they slink in and play shadowy hidey games!
    With there superior means they just marched in and subdued or obliterated the locals with little care for there lives!

    If they are here for some sort of ore they might just land a huge mining plant and start mining without even introducing themselves!

    Also if they have the ability to get here they will have the ability to scan the whole planet from orbit, no need to come down and play hopscotch in the air!
    Neither any need to capture and probe the locals, monitoring the tv stations will tell them all they need to know!

    The only aliens here so far are fantasy ones induced by magic mushrooms or the like!
    When the real aliens turn up everyone and I mean everyone will know it in a very short time!
  3. lonewolf

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    I don't believe in space aliens, even if they do exist which is debateable I think they would be intelligent enough to see that humans have used and abused the resources of this planet for so long that its probably not worth them coming here, that's if they can get through all the space junk that we humans have put in orbit around our planet.
  4. Tom Williams

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    Nasa cuts and delays the live feed from space to go over it carefully. So to edit what is seen they will not admit they are here and have been the codes that work our computers came from a ship that landed in england years ago imnot sure what ive seen a few times myself in the sky
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