Facemask Production; Urgency For The Emergency

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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    Attention Hong Kong Quality Control Director: Consider on-site inspectors instead of waiting until the masks are boxed and crated and ready for loading. This method was developed in the Middle Kingdom ages ago.

    Unless a local, recommend not to wait in line inside a dome tent.


    I was wondering; ... since these basic N-95 masks are a rectangle of special cloth, could not just the cloth rectangle be manufactured and the citizen attach it to 2 rubber bands from those paddle board with rubber ball toys.

    Just bring some loads of sheets of the special face mask protection cloth to a WWI era veterans ladies auxiliary or the WWII equivalents and the US would run out of trucks before the ladies even took a coffee break.

    To the tune of that song "The times they are a'changing".
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