Fast In The High Schools

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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    This is double-wammy good news. Above first aid program is being taught in the high schools inherently concurrent with phasing out the badminton practice.

    It's a good news article but one sentence did generate some discomfort. Reading "The curriculum is customized for high-school age children [ a 17 y.o. is a child ?? my ed comment;not from article] based on their educational level in biology and health classes as well as their psychological development." generated thoughts on what differences would be found in the same sized assembly of random shoppers in a Walmart.

    A 4th training curriculum is needed: No web access and only high school students present. Who becomes team leader working a head injury ? What are procedures, directed/led by whom to handle a mentally-deranged victim who just lost family ? Look for leadership among those who can mentally handle blood all over the place, vomit all over the place, singing by the psychologically-disturbed, the screaming,...

    This DHS S&T program is really super news. I admit my impatience but understand it takes time.

    Feet Notes:

    Some of us with business backgrounds are addressing the always present liability scares. The terrorists are accompanied by the ambulance-chasing legal beagles. Good omens present on draining this portion of the swamp.

    Note the initial funding of this program. DHS and a couple of other Fed agencies send $$$ to Uniformed Services agency. This is DOD housed in/around Walter Reed Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland (I think-probably expanded by now to Hawaii and Caribbean for tropical health research).
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