Fears of 'new world war. Russia Mobilising.

Discussion in 'The Apocalypse' started by Keith H., Oct 13, 2016.

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  1. Keith H.

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  2. lonewolf

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    my personal opinion is that the international community should have kept there noses out of what is essentially a Syrian "civil" war, had they done so this war would have been over years ago and a lot of civilian suffering could have been avoided, as the Syrian state war machine would have just rolled over the ill equipped Rebel forces.
    i'm sure if there was an American or British civil war ever again we would both tell other nations to "mind your own business!"
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  3. Arkane

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    When a country is fighting a civil/internal war there is little left to defend its borders and others seek to impose there will!

    Telling countries to mind there own business only works when you have the capability of enforcing it! if your capability is being expended on internal fighting your words ring hollow and need not be heeded! The USA are masters at this! they ferment internal discord as a means of opening access!
    One should always remember that the USA as the worlds capitalist empire is nobodies "Friend" They seek "Profit" and profit only and only for themselves!
    Being friends, allies, world police, UN supporters and anything else they would have you believe is only a veneer to mask or facilitate "Profit" on their part!

    With this in mind look again at recent history, you may see it differently!
  4. EarlAlexander

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    The US should not interfere with any civil war by supporting any rebel group, which they did in the case of Syria, it is by equipping these rebel group that make most conflict unable to be resolved easily. The weapons supplied to does rebel group will one day be used against them. UN should interfere at the appropriate time to avoid a serious conflict. Most country sees war as a profit making enterprise and it should be stopped.
  5. CivilDefense

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    I agree with you that we should stay out of Syria. That is a mess of epic proportions and we'd be wise to not add gasoline to the fire.

    That said, I disagree with not being involved with any insurgency. Our support for various groups and movements was an important part of our Cold War strategy, which we eventually won.
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