Finding water: clues by tracking animals

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    This method implies tracking and studying animal's habits in order to find a water source. Not all animal species are good hint for the presence of water. Among mammals, large carnivores get their liquid by prey, therefore they have no need to drink so often. herbivores that eat grass always go to drink water at dawn and after sunset, thus is better to track them and follow their habits. Also, bird species like finches or pigeons, drink at dawn and dusk, times when you usually go to their water sources and flying low altitudes and in a straight line.
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    There is no guarantee that by following game trails/animal tracks you will find water. Game trails criss cross each other all the time & do not always lead to water. Fine if you are in wide flat country, the chances of finding water by following a game trail are far greater. Far better to check out rock plateaus, valleys, gullies, & look for green vegetation, groups or lines of trees.
    Not all roads lead to Rome, which one do you follow?!
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    Yes that is true. Many animals can lead us to water. This one case that i know is , frogs. Their roaching can actually be the best source of finding water. Frogs usually spend their time around water , and following that sound would lead to a water source.
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