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    I always carry a first aid kit with me. Car backpacks home and a pocket tub with plasters.

    Medical glue
    Non latexe gloves
    Burn kit
    Chap stick
    Needle and fine fishing gut
    Small pocket knife
    Eye wash
    Tampon (am a guy it’s for wounds lol)
    Small mirror (hard to brake kind!)

    Sure iv forgotten something:cool:
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    Looking through my first aid kit, it isn't in a box, but lots of stuff in a large cabinet...
    In previous years it seemed there were always a few things that never were used. Don't some items loose their efficiency? They should be thrown away, replaced, or used up, right?
    After awhile, stretchy wraps get worn out. Do "band aids" loose their sticky? Are there items you have added due to new conditions in your household? Or taken items out because they weren't very useful?
    I've got a few gloves, gauze, tape; not very organized.
    Do you have an actual list of your first aid supplies?
    >>>side note-- there were 4 times, 3 at home, where I would have died if I didn't have medical intervention. No first aid kit was going to help that.
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