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Discussion in 'First Aid and Medicine' started by hippyzomby, May 18, 2016.

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  1. hippyzomby

    hippyzomby New Member

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    I get cysts really bad ones that get infected.
    I have had two so far and each I had to go to the hospital. This last one almost killed me.
    I dont know how to dress and drain them on my own.
    They go below the muscle and to the bone.
    They are not a pop and done. I have had to have them cut into. The last one had to be cut on four points on my ribs because it was to the bone and the infection was spreading.
    How would I do that on my own?
    I am sorry I am not allowed to post threads, I saw this and seriously wanted to know what I would need to do if this situation occurred.

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  2. Keith H.

    Keith H. Moderator Staff Member

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    I suggest that you have a word with your doctor.
  3. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    Maybe the old drawing slave to draw out puss when it starts that could be a way talk with doc is good
  4. Lisa Davis

    Lisa Davis Active Member

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    When I was a sophomore in high school, I got a cyst that was the size of a baseball at the base of my tailbone. They had to cut it. It left a big hole that took forever to heal and the area is still extremely sensitive if hard pressure is applied to it and it occurred about 20 years ago! I was told that it may eventually return, a year from now or thirty years from now or possibly never. Therefore, I understand your concern. If you were unable to have access to a doctor in a disaster situation, I would hope for your case that this sort of thing would not happen to you. Unfortunately, because of the location of my cyst, it would have been virtually impossible to cut myself.
  5. Tom Williams

    Tom Williams Moderator Staff Member

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    Find and make a old drawing polace place on it it will draw the stuff out then pack with packin treated with a antibotic cream till healed
  6. barbecueIt

    barbecueIt New Member

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    Okay, I understand this is a survival forum but what you have is something that should be done in a hospital right now. The risks of draining a type of cyst like that is dangerous and it can lead to infections. Please see a doctor.
  7. OursIsTheFury

    OursIsTheFury Expert Member

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    Definitely not something you can do as first aid, it's gonna be a medical and even a surgical issue that only professionals can fix. The longer you delay it, the worse it is going to get, so you gotta get some medical attention right now. The way you described it, it sounds pretty late stage, and if you don't get it fixed permanently, you may end up exponentially increasing your hospital bills. So I suggest you really should get that fixed, no matter what, because it sounds really incredibly serious.
  8. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

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    sounds like a hospital job to me.
  9. Lisa

    Lisa Active Member

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    I think the OP is not saying she has this problem right now but has had it in the past and is likely to have it again, is that right? If you are asking for advice on what you should do if this happened in a survival situation without access to a doctor or surgeon then I would suggest that you try to get some antibiotics (the same as whatever they have given you before) to try and reduce the infection. In cases like this you would be given IV antibiotics along with the surgical procedure. Obviously trying to do surgery on yourself is a very bad idea but if you absolutely had to try and cut and drain a cyst (hopefully before it went too deep) you can pack the wound with special ribbon dressings that contain silver. I want to be clear that this is stuff only a medical proffessional should be doing so I am only talking hypothetically in an absolute emergency survial situation. If your cyst was deep enough to reach muscle or bone I would just try to rely on the antibiotics instead of trying to drain it yourself. Perhaps you could take a course in venapuncture and stock up on some cannulas, IV antibiotics (if you can get them) and the correct medical dressings. Realistically I think if this happened your best bet would be trying to locate someone with medical knowledge and medications.
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