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    Food storage is a very important factor in any survival situation. Even at home on a day-to-day basis, we must make sure that we store food in order to survive. This is so that when we are hungry there is something to eat. When it comes to large-scale survival situations food storage is a pivotal factor in maintaining a healthy living status. A great way to always ensure that you have a fresh rotation and a good stock of food on hand is by doing an inventory.

    Inventory does not only let you know what food you have, but it also gives you the chance to visually inspect your food for damage. This means you can look for rodents or parasites that may have contaminated and possibly destroyed your food. Nothing is worse than thinking you have good food on hand only to find out it has been destroyed by rodents or insects. Doing an inventory also allows you the opportunity to practice what is called FIFO.

    Fifo is first in first out. This is the order of things in restaurants and should be applied to all situations involving food storage whether it be at home or in an emergency survival situation. By doing inventory, you will always know more than just how much food you will have you will know the condition of it as well.
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