Food Storage; Tooth Paste Type Tubes ?

Discussion in 'Food Storage - Canning/Freezing/Butchering/Prep' started by Pragmatist, Feb 29, 2020.

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  1. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon all,

    Per ...

    It's possible that some survival foods will be sold in tooth paste type tubes like astronauts had used.

    Had glanced at the Apollo 17 menu. I can not have cheddar cheese ever. Some will understand.

    Article has picture of space-grown greens of some type.

    Look out the porthole window. That approaching rocket ship is a Dominos' delivery.
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  2. Justin Baker

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    Fun read, thank you for sharing!
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  3. Old Geezer

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    Who would buy that sh##?!

    One sticks a tube in their mouth, squeezes it, it shoots some sort of cream into their mouth, swallow. Hmmm, sounds like it could be popular out in San Fransisco's Castro District.
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  4. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon Old Geezer,

    When I posted this article, was thinking of the San Francisco Art Institute and one of their "performing" artists.

    For one of her "exhibits", she smeared chocolate all over her naked body and asked for a volunteer from the audience to dine on chocolate.

    A tooth paste tube of chocolate, perhaps a case or 2 for her performance would do wonders to expedite show time.
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