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Discussion in 'Climate Change' started by Lunasurvivor, Apr 28, 2016.

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    Climate change is one of the inevitable factors of life that is unavoidable. The Earth it seems has been warming up and becoming hotter and hotter each summer. This warming trend has led to things such as the melting of the polar ice caps at a rapid rate. This fresh water that is rapidly entering the salt water oceans is creating a desalinization process. This desalinization process will ultimately alter the Gulf Stream current. This will affect wind patterns, and that carry warm weather across the planet.
    Regions will start experiencing warmer-than-normal weather as well as colder-than-normal weather. A teeter totter will happen, and weather patterns will become unpredictable. Storms will start brewing and times when they normally did not giving way too violent natural catastrophes. Being prepared in these cases is the only thing you can do. Preparation involves knowing your area as well as having emergency supplies and gear on hand.
    Practicing safety drills and evacuation routines are also part of survival skills that will help you make it through some of the worst times. Climate change is happening everywhere. Rainflow can suddenly hit desert areas causing flash floods rock slides and more. You must always maintain vigilance and know your surroundings. For any place you get yourself into always have a way to get yourself out.
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    I was browsing through some of the old posts and came across this . Unlike my posts this was a well thought out and presented post .Surprisingly it didn't receive any response . There was record breaking cold in some areas last year . One lingering question I have , I will ask our Alaska preppers .How do you plan to survive with no power or fossil fuel during the cold winters ? I have been told many people leave the extreme cold areas and go south for the winter .
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    On the left sidebar, you will see three options, Recent activity, Active threads, and New. When you make a new topic it goes to the "New" section. If nobody posts it stays there unnoticed and dies. I usually wait a little while and then will make a second post. That will move it to the Recent Activity section.

    Planning ahead is at the root of any serious survival strategy. You need to have planA, B, C, and D and then think outside of that box for more possibilities. Various routes may not work and you need to know where the places are that you can get off of that road and to another. I have very detailed maps of the region that I will operate in. These maps go down to the dirt back roads in detail. If you wait until you are pressured into bugging out it will probably already be too late.

    If you can't be one of the leaders in an evacuation you may be better off hunkering down and make a run after things settle somewhat if that is possible. What you want to avoid is being one of the people stuck permanently in a traffic jam with a few thousand panicked people that have NOTHING with them to eat or drink. I have SEEN this and it is ugly!! It was ugly and it was only for a couple of days before the government was running up and down the road with food and water. Wait a couple of weeks and they will be gone or dead.
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