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  1. Tom Williams

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    To have fruit trees pick your site now and get them planted it takes years before they bear fruit it is allso a must to have bees to pollinate the trees BEES ARE A MUST HAVE TO HAVE ANY GARDEN FRUIT OR CROP OF MOST ANY KIND
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    I would advise that you have to know the proper planting of trees. In one province that we visited some years ago, I have seen a mango plantation that was not in the proper design. Some trees are too close to each other thus they seem to have stunted growth. The mango tree needs a space of 10 meters at least so the trees can fully develop their own crown of branches and leaves. With more branches means more fruits in the offing.

    That also applies to plants and crops. Corn farmers in the rural Philippines dig holes 15 inches apart. However, 1 hole is sown 3 seeds (or kernels). When the corn grows, a hole can have 3 corn plants that is equivalent to 3 corn ears. The close spacing is to save water because an open space dries faster, that's from the wisdom of the farmer. By the way, the planting time can also be spaced so the harvesting is continual and not in an instant. How can you harvest a thousand corn in one day? It is better to harvest 100 corns every day for 10 days.
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    Trees are a pain to start out. I had an apple seed that I took from an apple and it started to grow, and then it rained and drowned my little sprout in a matter of hours. I could not bring it back no matter what I did. I tend to over-water things, but this day it just downpoured after I had already watered it and it was destroyed.

    My mangos seem to do better growing in a greenhouse, and then as soon as I put them in dirt, they start to get sick looking and die off. I don't get it. I live in Florida, so the humidity is definitely not the issue. I'm actually going to try growing another one in a 5 gallon bucket with a piece of plexi-glass across the top to give it a good space to grow and get strong.

    My avocado plant actually just took off on me out of nowhere. Here I am, thinking the pit had rotted out and the next day when I went to clean that pot out, I noticed that the pit had 3 shoots that were in the process of pushing through. 2 weeks later, still growing strong. This will be my first successful tree if it doesn't die on me. I also made sure to put it in a bio-degradable pot so it can absorb into the soil when I re-pot it rather than putting it through anymore stress.
  4. John Snort

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    Avocados are the easiest fruit trees to grow. Just toss the avocado seeds where you want to grow your fruit trees. Some will germinate. Uproot the unhealthy seedlings or transplant them. It's really easy.

    I don't know about the other fruit trees. Never had much luck with lemons and oranges.
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  5. jonthai

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    Indeed bees are an important part of a garden's ecosystem. I've planted some trees already, but i don't have bees yet. I mostly plant apples and oranges as i use them allot , either to make juice or some apple pies! yum!
  6. tb65

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    Yes bees are necessary for pollination. I remember as a kid my uncle would have a grape vine in the back yard that he would harvest from every now and then. I remember how I would love to eat the grapes from the front of the frame they were growing on, but would be scared of going to the back of it because of all the bees gathered where the best grapes were. If your not scared of all different kinds of bees feasting on your fruit planting fruit is the way to go. Of course I think they may only infest grape vines more than fruit trees.
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    Yes, it's believed by some scholars that without bees we would become extinct. I wonder if this belief would be totally true. I do believe though that without the bees we would struggle to survive because there would be a shortage of edible plants which would definitely create a challenge to our existence.
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