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Discussion in 'Farming and Gardening' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Some people may ask what are some innovative ways to garden indoors? There are a few ways you can reuse simple items lying around your house to plant efficiently. One method is to use regular cement blocks as planters. They are heavy and will not tip over and hold a good amount of soil so roots can grow. If you are looking for something that you could decorate a lot easier you could try using empty coffee cans or any cans big enough to hold plant. An unused tire swing makes a great and unique way to plant specific plants as well. Mason jars make great little planters that are see through. A great way to grow fresh herbs right in your kitchen would be with little eggshell planters. On the other hand, there are a couple of really good ways to farm that you can make as well. A window farm, for example, is a small vertical hydroponics growing system. If you look this up, there are tutorials on how to make one using plastic bottles very easily.
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    One of my favorite designs would be the plastic bottle "walls" where the bottles are connected and plants are just happily growing. Such a great way to recycle. I also keep all of my little plastic containers (butter containers, sour cream, etc.) and will decorate them with paint and twine and just use them as great little starter pots. Reduces the trash in the landfill and helps you in the long run.
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    Great idea! I have a perfect place to try this. The quail room has a 20 ft expanse of south exposure windows and good air-flow. It's not climate controlled though, so it would only be good in certain months. I have plenty of coffee cans for this project!
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    Empty tins and plastic containers are good for indoor gardening. If there are any climbing vegetables that could do well where you live then you could train them around. String up some wires or whatever you'll use and they could provide you with enough vegetables to eat for a while as long as they get some sunlight that is.
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    You folks are talking my language!! I have a sun room and am growing several green bean plants. I am now experimenting with carrot plants and seeing if there is enough natural sun to allow them to grow. Other than herbs, what vegetable plants have you found easy to grow indoors? I would love to know.
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    Indoor gardening is one of the best way to plant herbs that we can easily access when we are cooking. Not only we are are saving money from buying these herbs in the grocery store but we can also assure that it's organically grown because we don't use chemicals to grow it. It will become also a decorative accent in our house depending on how we organize it using unique plant pots.
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    I usually make use of the tin can and the plastic bottles for the plants. And for me that works out just fine. I think depending on what's available to you it is possible to get the most out of the container garden. There are also some container trays that you can make use of. I'd definitely say it's good enough. The best part about using household items is that you're not spending much. It saves money.
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    This is a nice thread that challenges our creativity. There was a time tbat we planted ginger in old leather shoes. But it's not inside the house, just in the front yard. Those who saw the growing ginger were greatly amused because of the novelty. And now this thread about using household items for indoor gardening gives me lots of ideas.
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    Some jute string across the top of the window, just below the curtain rod by maybe an inch provides an excellent place for climbing, vine-ing veggies! Simply train them to go from curtain rod support and then transfer to the jute. There are many more veggies that climb than you think you know! A whole lot of what we eat are variations of veggies, that if given the opportunity, will climb like crazy!
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