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    Surviving in the winter is a little more challenging and requires a bit more gear then warm survival. You need to have a constant fire to keep warm, and eat more calories because your body is trying to keep warm. Some good gear to have ahead of time is a good jacket, warm boots, thermal underwears, a thermal blanket and even some tools to start a fire. A shelter that can block the wind very well is important in cold and snowy climates. Because the wind will blow the heat right off your body and basically will be sucking the warmth right out of you.
    Do not try to eat snow to rehydrate because that will also cool your core temperature down because you are eating ice. Trying to sweat and tire yourself out walking through the snow if you have to snowshoes are a very helpful piece of gear to assist in gathering supplies for your survival. Drinking hot tea for coffee will also help maintain a warm body temperature if you have them available. If you do not have these available you can also simply boil water and drink it while it is warm to help sustain your body temperature. These are just a few of the ways you can help yourself to survive in the outdoors during winter should you find yourself needing too.
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