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    I have this bug bear about petition organisations & the people who start some of the petitions & the people who do not bother to sign the important ones. That is IF one can consider any one petition as really important.

    Given that most if not all of the worlds problems stem from a variety of corrupt Governments, why don't we see ANY petitions regarding the sacking of these governments & the need to introduce a new system that blocks corruption?

    I see petitions against animal cruelty, wrongly imprisoned protesters & journalists, petitions for a better environment, for better health care, etc etc. All very important issues I agree, but begging to a corrupt government who does not give a damn is simply wasting time & money, & whilst I may consider these petitions important, they pale in the face of the Genocide of West Papuans in Indonesia that is being backed by the USA & Australian governments & ignored by the rest of the world!

    This is our society today, a society that thinks animal rights are more important than a genocide of human beings! I simply can't get my head around this, I think if I tried to get my head around this it would eventually drive me insane! The hardest part is knowing that I can't change anything, I sign many petitions that I think are important, but I know that in the long run this will change nothing. So long as we have corrupt governments ruling the world, nothing will change.

    Many I think like myself often wonder if a major shtf situation would change this world for the better. The answer I think in reality is no, it would not. For a while we would trade the corruption for a lawless society where we finally find freedom. But after the smoke has cleared I would imagine that the very same government system would once again reassert itself, either because yet again the majority will stand by & do nothing, or because the sword is mightier than the pen when it comes to the government's ability to raise an army.

    So where are we heading? Every day now I read of road rage incidents, rapes, murders, domestic violence, children being tortured & killed, babies being dumped in bins & ditches, daylight robberies of shops, home invasions, police corruption, Government corruption, farmers committing suicide because the government favours mining interests over farming, none violent protesting is banned, we have a law that bans the purchase, carrying & use of ANYTHING that is specifically for self defence, police powers of forced entry & search without the need for a warrant, police rights to confiscate firearms based on their limited knowledge of said firearms, we are unable to purchase ammunition without showing our firearms registration details to gun shop staff! Pensions have been cut, the pension age extended, funding has been cut from women's help centers & some centers closed, We are not legally allowed to carry a handgun at any time for protection against wild dogs & wild boar when working in the bush, I could fill this page with further freedoms & rights we have lost & the corruption of local councils etc etc, & yet, what is being done to correct these atrocities? NOTHING! Because none of this effects the wealthy & the large corporations for whom the Government works.

    My hope is that if there ever is a major shtf situation, that the corrupt wealthy, the corrupt corporation executives & the government in total do not survive. They do not get into a bunker or escape to another country. Because only in this way will the common people ever get control of their own lives.
    “ Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought. ”
    ― Pope John Paul II
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    Keith someone else will just take there place
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    I fear you are probably right mate.
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    Sadly you are talking human nature. The only way to get rid of this problem is to get rid of humans. Since I'm not for that I feel that our only real hope as a species is to return to another long round of survival of the fittest and that this time we come out a little better.
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